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Welcome to the Structure of the Integrative Psycho Philosophy, the SIPP.

This edition is the result of aligning the Mayan tzolkin and haab calendars, the Moon Phase and the Long Count Time Pulses with the powerful ancient wisdom of the Sipp/I Ching . The SIPP in turn is the effort to combine DNA, the I Ching, the Tarot, the Kabalah and the Eight paths to Enlightment into one translating interface. Each system adds information revealing the present day energy emissions and levels.
You can choose how many days to see, enter a special date (your birthdate) or just browse through the meaning of centuries.
I put a lot of effort and 30 years of time into the correctness and alignment of the various systems, Please, if anything appears to be out of place or just wrong, drop me a mail.

The first step is to syncronize the Sipp calendar to You.

Enjoy! Bernhard Pfennigschmidt

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Sipp not personalized!           Zoom Date 4 days day Cycle help Cast a hexagram 371G: 12/20/2014 -0.21
J: 3/28/5775
   11 Peace
  Survival - 1 Cell growth, nurturing and repair, survival tactics1 Right View
Gac 7    ASP
20 Judgement
20 Resh 372G: 12/21/2014 -0.14
J: 3/29/5775
   16 Harmonize
  Emotions - 2 Polar decisions, good - bad etc..2 Right Intentions
Gtg 8    VAL
19 Sun
19 Quoph 373G: 12/22/2014 -0.08
J: 3/30/5775
   51 Shocking
  Emotions - 2 Polar decisions, good - bad etc..2 Right Intentions
Gta 9    VAL
19 Sun
19 Quoph 374G: 12/23/2014 -0.01
J: 4/1/5775
   40 Liberation
  Emotions - 2 Polar decisions, good - bad etc..2 Right Intentions
Gtt 10    VAL
19 Sun
19 Quoph